Rhubarb & Ginger Milk Chocolate Bar 80g
Rhubarb & Ginger Milk Chocolate Bar 80g
Lavender Milk Chocolate Bar 80g
Isle of Skye Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar 80g
Orange Milk Chocolate Bar 80g
Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar 80g
Chocolate Bars by Coco Chocolatier
Chocolate Bars by Coco Chocolatier
Chocolate by Coco Chocolatier at Indish Interiors
Coco Chocolatier

Milk Chocolate Bar 80g

Coco Chocolatier based in Edinburgh Scotland is a collaborative of artisans and artists alike who inspire to bring delicious chocolate packaged in beautiful packaging. They challenge industry norms by beginning the making of their chocolate at its origin before transforming back in Scotland. As a result, more wealth remains within developing economies.

Their chocolate contains 100% natural ingredients, palm oil free and sustainably produced.

These are a selection of Coco Chocolatier’s 80 gram gluten free milk chocolate bars, made from Colombian cocoa beans; wrapped in sumptuous wrapping designed by Atelier Bingo.

Rhubarb & Ginger: An old-school flavour paring that delivers fruity sweetness with a warming spice finish. 40% single origin milk chocolate.

Lavender: Is there a plant more calming than Lavender? Used in aromatherapy for hundreds of years it has a blissfully soothing effect on our state of mind. When combined with rich milk chocolate it transforms it into a dream-like snack worthy of the Gods themselves.
Perfect for those who like subtle floral flavour in their chocolate. 40% milk chocolate.

Isle of Skye Sea Salt Milk: Luxurious milk chocolate with a pinch of pristine sea salt made on the Isle of Skye. Sweet and comforting chocolate flavour enhanced by a salty luxury finish. 40% single origin milk chocolate.

Orange Milk: A Sweet orange oil from Italy combined with cocoa from Colombia. The old and the new worlds collide to create an all-time classic flavour combination. Single origin 40% Colombian milk chocolate.

Salted Caramel: A modern classic and the ultimate indulgence. We use flakes of Sea Salt gathered in pure waters around the Isle of Skye to give the sweetness something to stand against and flourish.

Made with chocolate from Colombian origin cocoa beans, that is gluten and palm oil free; and suitable for vegetarians.