Flip+ Radio Controlled Alarm Clock

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Never sleep in late again with the Flip+ Alarm Clock by Lexon. Expertly designed by Jeremy & Adrian Wright, this sleek design has two faces; when ON is facing upwards, the alarm is awake and will show both the current time and your alarm time, when OFF faces upwards, the alarm is off and only the current clock time is shown. Extremely simple to set and a true pleasure to use each morning, all you have to do is flip the clock to stop the alarm. This modern radio controlled design also features an electroluminous dial and a touch sensor snooze button.

Technical specifications:

- Radio controlled reversible digital alarm clock (EU)
- LCD alarm clock
- ON/OFF faces
- Electroluminous dial
- Touch sensor snooze/light
- Size: W10.5 x H3 x D6.5cm
- Requires 2 X AAA batteries (included)

Please note the radio control feature will only work within the European Union.