Ceramic rose coloured mug
Ceramic rose coloured mug
Ceramic dove grey coloured mug
Ceramic grape purple coloured mug
Ceramic tangerine orange coloured mug
Ceramic mint green coloured mug
Ceramic light blue coloured mug
Ceramic teal blue coloured mug
Ceramic turmeric yellow coloured mug
Musango ceramic mugs with plain wash decoration
Musango plain wash ceramic mugs
Musango ceramic mugs
Musango ceramic mugs at Indish Interiors

Plain Wash Large Ceramic Mug

The hand-painted plain wash of colour on these mugs adds a contemporary look. They make a statement with a contemporary look to a traditionally hand crafted everyday object. Their squat height and wide diameter makes them ideal for tea and coffee, but also for a warm comforting soup.

Handmade in Portugal by Musango.

It is important to note that the decoration is painted by hand and each one will differ, this is the charm showing an artist at work.

Size: Diameter 10cm Height 6.5cm
Material: Ceramic
Care: Dishwasher and microwave friendly