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Let your cat take out your political frustrations on these inspired Pet Hates toys. Take your pick from Boris Johnson or Donald Trump. These pompous political playthings feature their signature floppy hairstyles and are made from hardwearing poly-canvas with reinforced seams so your cat can properly dig their claws in. The toys are even stuffed with catnip so your favourite feline will really enjoy chewing on them.

Toys tested to child safety standards in EU, USA & Australia/NZ
Made from a strong poly-canvas material and stuffed with polyester and catnip. Catnip sewn into pocket in tummy.
Designed to be durable. The body and arms are constructed from one piece of fabric, making them perfect for sharp claws.
Our political cat toys are not intended for dogs, as they contain catnip.
Size: 13cm tall, 12.5cm wide