Marimekko red and white oven glove
Marimekko red and white oven glove
Marimekko Puketti Oven Glove detail

Puketti Oven Glove

Made from cotton, this oven glove by Marimekko features the red, dark blue and white Puketti pattern designed by Annika Rimala. The oven glove has a padded filling and a hanging loop.

Puketti (bouquet), one of Marimekko’s most beloved floral patterns, combines two typical Marimekko motifs, the sphere and the flower.

Size: Length 31.5 x Width 15 cm.
Main Material: 100 % Cotton Padding: 100 % Polyester.
Keep away from oven heating elements and open flame.
Conforms to BS 6526:1998. 
Care: Hand wash up to 60 degrees